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Dolls and gnomes


               CONTACT POPPEJET



                      Ireen Metternich

                     Haagweg 91

                      2281 AC Rijswijk zh.                           



                      E-mail: info@poppejet.nl

                     Tel: 070-5178856                      

                      op nr. 003170-5178856

                     Mobiel: 0649890071

                     K.v.K. number  27348849










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U kunt zich nog opgeven tot ........, er zijn nog ....plekken vrij. Zie contact voor contactgegevens en inschrijving.





 If you would like to order an item, please contact me either by phone or by e-mail.



Please report:

· the name of the doll/gnome or the ordering code of the doll clothes

· name

· address

· phonenumber


All prices do not include shipping costs. The items are shipped by TNT, I will add their charge to the invoice.


When you place an order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which includes my bank account info, to which you can transfer the payment. Items are shipped after the payment has been received.


You can also, after making an appointment, meet me in my workshop.


As mentioned all dolls with black text beneath them are sold. I will recreate them for you, but please take into account that the fabric or other materials may have become unavailable.


The dolls with purple text beneath them are available as shown, right away.


The creation of any item will of course take some time. There may be a waiting list for the dolls and gnomes. So if you would like to order a gift for a certain date, it is advisable to place your order as early as possible (especially for public holidays).


All products are nonexchangeble and I do not give refunds.









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Little dolls